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Guerrilla Music
Your ideas are alive and unique. Guerrilla Music excels at translating that creative energy into musical form.

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Our Mission

Through active listening and close attention to detail, we manifest our clients’ visions. We use a mix of analog and digital tools to capture the precise sound each project calls for.

What They’re Saying

“Guerrilla Music meets clients as partners and has the scope of musical production services that enhance our work.”

Erin Thompson

Music serves me as a potent spiritual conduit.

It provides a means to connect to my community, a way to give back to the world that I live in, and a voice with which to express myself.

My own introduction to music production began very humbly with participation in my elementary school bell choir when I was around 7 years old.

I had no idea what the dots, lines and squiggles on the sheet music meant, and was deeply embarrassed by repeatedly failing to ring my bell on time. I didn’t try to make music again for years.

My formal introduction to creating and playing music resumed around the age of 12 when my parents bought a piano for my sister and signed us both up for lessons.

Learning to read music and having an instrument in the home that I could explore and start to understand, opened up an entire universe of creativity for me.

While I would grudgingly honor my mother’s call to leave the football game taking place out in the street to come inside and do my daily lesson, I would often end up losing track of time and play for hours.

I had discovered a new language that fascinated me and; it enabled me to express feelings and ideas that I didn’t always have words for. In high school, I picked up the trumpet and trombone and began arranging music for play by small ensembles.

Get Your Music Produced

As a full service production house, we’ll arrange, perform and mix your tracks to bring out the best in your music and reach your goals.

Give me a call at the number below, or drop me a message and let’s get this production under way.

Rochester, NY