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Music Production Company

Guerrilla Music

An Audio Production shop specializing in music for artists, directors, and businesses.



Together we’ll breathe life into your creative vision and create your signature sound. 

Production Music

  • theme/background music
  • library and custom music available
  • applications include film, video, television, radio, websites, audio books

Backing Tracks

  • library and original compositions available
  • applications include instrumentals for vocalists (singers, rappers, spoken word artists) and music beds for solo instrumentalists to perform over

Soundtrack/Score/Sound Design

  • original, synchronized compositions
  • applications include film, video, television, video games


  • original lyrics/ full demos available
  • collaborative composing/consulting
  • available to function as Music Director for live engagements (stage plays, etc)

Dialogue Editing

  • Clean up/restoration of digital media

Let’s Work Together

To Create Your Vision

While I will work with nearly any artist or organization that has a clear focus and whose vision I can support, I have a special appreciation for projects that spark awareness by challenging societal and artistic norms.

Promoting truth and justice, and traversing the unbeaten path define both my approach to the creation of music and how I strive to live my life.

If you are an artist looking for customized music to record to or perform over, let’s talk about your vision.


“I recently worked with Erin “Atlas” Thompson on a theatrical production (“Open Mic at Roasted Right”) staged in Rochester, NY. Erin (as my Musical Director) worked with 6 different vocalists and created the music and arrangements for 12 songs I had written. His creation of the music and ability to work with each artist was fantastic! I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a quality product, patience and the ability to work with various artists and musical genres. I look forward to future collaborations.” Robert Djed Snead

NY based playwright, author, poet and director

“As a youth leadership organization, we are always looking for dynamic artists to help the youth organizers produce high-quality songs and soundscapes that appeal to youth today and adult supporters as well. We’d always dug Erin Thompson’s skills. But when we heard his take on traditional African rhythms infused with contemporary synthesized variations in a powerful dance concert at School of the Arts, we knew that Guerrilla Music LLC had the versatility we needed. Erin, Guerrilla Music’s principal, creates with a collaborative, easy approach for multiple platforms.

Together, we’ve developed music that Erin performed live with YOs in front of 700 inspired people.


Guerrilla Music has engineered instrumental audio tracks to accommodate a timed multi-media live performance.  As well, we have tapped into his expansive library of original beats and audio tracks to score our

video soundtracks.  Erin listened closely to the feeling the video needed to convey and sent us an ample but focused selection of his work to choose from. In all, Guerrilla Music meets clients as partners and has the scope of musical production services that enhance our work. Guerrilla Music is a local business that gives a worldly touch.” Jennifer Banister

Development and Collaborations Manager, Teen Empowerment

Get Your Music Produced

As a full service production house, we’ll compose, arrange, perform and mix your tracks to bring out the best in your music and reach your goals.

Email me, call me directly at the number below, or send me a message and let’s get this production under way.



Rochester, NY