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Thank you for visiting the site.

My motivation for establishing this space is the desire to put my creative energy out into the world in a way that I can control, and track over time. Guerrilla Music LLC (including publishing company GMLLC) is the banner under which my various creations are released. This site is my virtual home and will house examples of my work, documentary footage of my creative process, as well as my written thoughts on topics that hold meaning to me. I also envision this site as a location for other artists and entrepreneurs to network, gain inspiration, and share their insights.

Why Guerrilla Music?

I chose the name Guerrilla Music because I tend to operate off the beaten path. I run lean and try to keep things simple and effective. This enables me to pivot quickly and move in all directions artistically. When I’m locked in, there’s power in this minimalist approach; the flourishes stand out more, the internal logic is evident, and the essence of my music cuts through any competing noise. When called for, I also have the tools and knowledge necessary to scale my productions upward. A commitment to efficiency and making impactful statements underscores my utilitarian approach. Guerrilla Music is a business, and earning income from my art is important to me. Contributing meaningfully to society is equally important and factors into the way I conduct business and engage the public. I experience music as a potent spiritual conduit, and I make it my mission to stimulate heart, body and mind with mine.

What does Guerrilla Music do?

Operating under the moniker Atlas, I produce music of all types: backing tracks for vocalists, synchronization work (video, underscore, commercials, etc.), instrumentals, and anything else that interests me. My roots are in true school hiphop, and the fusion of styles is my hallmark. I am a musical omnivore. I maintain a project studio comprising a mix of acoustic and electronic/virtual instruments. When necessary, I bring in and produce session players to provide the sound being sought. In most cases, I work alone. I have other creative ambitions outside of strictly making music and my master plan is to integrate them over time.

Things will move fast in 2018. This placeholder page is being built into the full site, and examples of my work are awaiting upload. If you wish to be updated on progress, leave me your email address in the contact box below, and I will keep you plugged in.

Stay tuned!

Let’s get to work

If you are an artist looking for customized music to record to or perform over, let’s talk about your vision. If the vibe is right, I can help you bring it to life.  If you are a company/organization seeking a signature sound, I am confident that I can deliver the goods on time and within budget. As the site nears completion, I can send you samples of my work directly. Let’s talk.